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LS Power Grid New York Handout
(Dec. 21, 2021) Click Here to view the LS Power Grid New York handout detailing the start of construction on Segment III.
(May. 19, 2021) Click Here to view the information for the survey for the Oneida & Herkimer County residents and business owners to determine broadband internet availability across the region.
Notice of Adoption of Resolution
(May. 4, 2021) Click Here to view the Notice of Adoption of Resolution for The Construction of New Improvements to The Water Distribution System (Phase II).
Public Service Law 66-p - Rental Properties
(Sep. 22, 2020) Click Here for changes in Public Service Law 66-p for Rental Properties.
Board Meeting
(May. 11, 2020)

A Village Board Meeting will be held at 5:30pm in the Municipal Building Board Room on Monday, July 22, 2024.  ** If you require handicap accessibilty, please call the Village Clerk @ (315)-895-7449 ext 3069.

Water Presentations
(Apr. 22, 2019)

Click Here to view Water Presentation #1.

Click Here to view Water Presentation #2.

Municipal Building Office Hours
(Sep. 28, 2017)

Office hours are 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Monday through Friday, except all major holidays.

Government Quick Links
(Sep. 27, 2017)
Payments at the Village
(Sep. 26, 2017)

Please note that the Village of Ilion does not accept cash. Only payments via credit/debit cards, money orders, or checks are accepted.

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Boil Water Advisory -Lifted

The boil water advisory has been lifted. 

Monthly Water Billing beginning in July

Beginning July 1, 2024, water billing will go from quarterly to monthly.  You will continue to receive your electric bill and water bill in the same envelope, as you do now.  The penalty will be $20.00 for any water bills that remain unpaid after the due date.  Shut-offs will follow with water bills that are unpaid 60 days past the due date. 

Electronic Sign Advertising

If you would like to advertise on the Village of Ilion's electronic sign that is in the front of the Fire Department, please contact Sue Hale at (315) 895-7449 ext. 3247 or email at for details and pricing.

NOTICE - Water Customers/Users

May 13, 2024


Notice to all Ilion water customers/users:


Late last week, a notice was sent to some ratepayers, regarding the replacement of your water meter. The letter cited the Local Law, as required, for non-compliance of Meter Section 19F, subsection b (the law was included verbatim).


The village, as required, sent correspondence on 3 separate occasions, via a fluorescent-colored postcard. Each time it was sent, it was a different color so that users were aware it wasn't the same notice. This card was sent informing all water users to call the number for the contractor hired to install the new meters (East Water). If East Water arrived at your residence and found an issue with your current meter or service line, they did not replace your meter or service, you were placed on a spreadsheet for the village to handle when East Water was finished.


This spreadsheet provided the village with the knowledge that there was an issue at your residence for the village to check into and allowed the village to notify the user that they needed to schedule an appointment to allow village crews to come to the residence and check on the problem. Again, the village then called and/or posted door tags for these users as a reminder to set an appointment.


What this eventually led to was the notice received this past week. If the account holder had not scheduled an appointment, as repeatedly requested, they received the letter. The majority of the notices sent were sent for the proper reason. The village realizes that some folks may have received this in error, and for that we apologize. All that was necessary was to read the letter, call the office as advised in the last paragraph, and schedule an appointment to rectify the issue. The village crew will come to your residence and do their best to fix whatever the problem is that was on the spreadsheet. Once this is scheduled and completed, the fine and water shut off is no longer a concern.


For those that own multi-unit rental properties, the notice was sent, or a staff member called, the information on file with the water account. If you feel that the address or phone number is incorrect, please stop in at the office and make the necessary changes.


Again, if you received the notice last week, just call the office and schedule an appointment to have the village water crews stop and check the issue and make the necessary arrangements to get a new meter in for you.


Thank you,

John P. Stephens

Mayor/ Public Safety Commissioner

Ilion Water Projects

Streets will be CLOSED, except to LOCAL traffic during work hours; then re-opening after work is done for the day.


Contract 4, Peter Luizzi & Bros, M-W, 7-5

Loop section for Crescent to Brook is the main event of the week—JAT Construction will be drilling this segment along the woods, and the cul-de-sac on Crescent will be very busy. There will also be a bit of time one of these days that Brook St will be BLOCKED or severely limited when the pipe is pulled across during installation. Please find alternate routes.

Second Ave, Montgomery St and Rand St, installing services. Water will be interrupted as services are transferred.

James St is pending approval for service and will begin when services above are complete.

N Fourth Ave, Weisbecker Hill, and Bellevue Ave are still planned.


Contract 3, RB Robinson, off project site.

Grass is starting grow, please let it get established. The Ridge Trail in Russell Park is growing grass and should be ready for full use late-Summer to early-Fall. CVA sports practice and running events coaches and staff should check it out prior to use.

Final paving for areas within this contract area will be in conjunction with Contract 4 final paving later in the Summer.


Information on Lead

Click Here to view the Press Release: Drinking Water Notice.

Click Here to view the General Public Education Notice: Important Information About Lead in Your Drinking Water.

Click Here to view the Public Service Announcement.


Local Waterfront Revitalization Program



The Village of Ilion Comprehensive Plan Committee recently presented its draft list of Priority Projects at a Public Workshop held on Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022. Additional feedback from the public is needed and can be provided using the attached link. Review the slideshow presentation from the Oct 19 Workshop for project context as well as the Proposed Project Listing PDF. Then use both the Project-Specific Comments Tool and $10 Resource Allocation Tool Links to tell us what you think of each project (good, bad, or indifferent) and how you would prioritize local investment in the proposed projects. If you have a project idea that isn't listed here, please feel free to mention it in the Project-Specific Comments Tool.

We will be collecting feedback through Monday, November 14, 2022. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Click the link below to view more information on the project.

NYS Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

Click Here to view more information on the New York State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program.

Get Help Paying Overdue Water and Sewer Bills

Click Here to view the low income household water assistance program flyer.

Need Assistance with your Utility Bills?

If you need assistance paying your utility bills, click here.

Resolution Adopted by Herkimer County Legislature

Click Here to view the resolution supporting operation green light for active military service members in transition to civilian life (veteran status).

Protections Available to Electric/Water Customers

Click Here to view protections available to Electric/Water Customers.

USDA Home Repair Loans and Grants

Click Here to view the USDA Home Repair Loans and Grants brochure.

Village Wide Notification System

The Village of Ilion is pleased to announce the launching of a Village-wide notification system. The notification system will send voice alerts via cell/landline phones and/or text messages or email during emergency events, including but not limited to; snow emergencies, flash flooding, power outages, and boil water advisories. For information on how to sign up, please click here.

Parking Ticket Payment Information

Parking tickets can be paid at the Municipal Office window. However, no cash is accepted for payment at the window. You can pay with with these options: check, money order, debit card or credit card. Checks and money orders are payable to: Village of Ilion.

Invoice Cloud

Please Click Here to pay your electric bill. Please Click Here to pay your water bill. You can pay your bills online via computer, tablet or mobile phone here and also on the utilities page of our website.

Some of the Features of Invoice Cloud include:

  • Up to three reminders that your bill is coming due
  • Texting your payments
  • Setting up recurring payments
  • Scheduling payments
  • Paying multiple accounts at one time


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