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The Village of Ilion
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Public Works

Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Reminder

For procedures on solid waste and recycling collections, click here.

For the Village of Ilion New Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection Route Schedule, click here.



➢ Set out Sunday night for Monday pick-up starting April 1st and continuing through the second week of November.

➢ Green waste (grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and shrub clippings) must be placed in a reusable container only. **Limit of 3 containers per property**. ALL containers must have handles. (NO cut out handles) No container should exceed 50 pounds.

➢ DO NOT place green waste in plastic bags, galvanized barrels, laundry baskets, cardboard boxes or brown paper bags.

➢ Green waste should be free of stones, wood, paper, plastic pots/trays and animal waste.

➢ Lumber and other construction debris IS NOT considered brush or yard waste.

➢ Brush and shrubs cannot exceed four feet (4') and must be placed in a reusable container or tied and bundled.

➢ Christmas trees will be collected at the end of December and during the month of January

Department of Public Works

The Village of Ilion Department of Public Works maintains some 32 miles of village streets and roadways, performing regular and preventative maintenance activities including:

  • Storm & sanitary cleaning & repair
  • Snow plowing, removal and ice control requirements
  • Roadway repair (patching and paving projects)
  • Field and park maintenance
  • Assistance with Marina grounds upkeep
  • Central Mall area upkeep
  • other infrastructure repairs as needed

From early spring to late fall each year, the Department operates two (2) full time shifts of 10-hour days, one shift Monday thru Thursday and another shift Tuesday thru Friday.

From mid-November to early spring, the Department is staffed with 2 shifts and as needed for weather related incidents.

Result of High Winds May 14th DPW Crews work to clear the debris from wind storm Ilion Students join Supervisor Sterling for Student Government Day to learn about the workings of DPW. Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Bruce Morgan is joined by students

Village of Ilion Sanitation

Trash collection is performed by an outside contractor through the "pay as you go" bag purchase system. In July 2011 the Oneida Herkimer Soild Waste Authority (OHSWA) announced a new program entitled "Recycle one." The Village of Ilion has signed a new contract with Spohn's Disposal. There have been some changes in the route pick-ups, a map & information about the Village of Ilion guidelines for soild waste, green waste, and recycling are available by clicking here . Click Here to view the New Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection Route Schedule. For additional information on the "recycle one" program or other questions you may also go to the OHSWA website at: The current outside contractor is Spohn's Disposal.

The Village of Ilion began green waste pickup starting on April 1, 2019. All residents are asked to put the green waste into dumpable containers. Pickups will be on Mondays only. Green waste pickup will end in the beginning of December.

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