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(Sep. 28, 2017)

"The Ilion Police Department would like to remind residents to please lock their homes and their vehicles; and report suspicious or unusual behavior or activity."

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Village of Ilion Office of Emergency Management

The Village of Ilion Office of Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating the activities of various Village Departments in the event of an emergency. While individual Departments within the Village commonly respond to emergency scenes, there is always the potential for an emergency that overwhelms the resources of any single Department. The role of the Office of Emergency Management is to assist with the planning and mitigation of this type of emergency.

The Emergency Management Office and Village Departments have worked together to keep the emergency management plan for our Village current. The plan outlines command structure, logistics, and response capabilities of all Departments. The plan also outlines how the emergency responders in the Village will coordinate with responders from around the County and the State. The goal of this plan is to better prepare the Village Departments for all types of responses and to improve the delivery of services to the residents of our Village in an emergency situation.

After each emergency the Emergency Management Officer works with the emergency management team (as outlined in the plan) along with the Mayor and others to evaluate the plan, responses to emergencies, and needs for the future.

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